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Default Re: Big Ben on front page

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
I think the Bengals are closer than ever before, but there was Bengals teams of the past that I thought would rise to the next level......and they didn't. I think their are some real issues on that defense, and they are gonna have to step it up, but they are gonna be so young and new to the D and the will be tough. I dont know if the Bengals can do it with just a great WR, an above average RB, and a young unproven QB. It is a nice core, but it may take a few seasons.
Thats true, the offense will need to put up alot of numbers to pick up the slack of the defense. But on the other hand I have noticed that one week the offense will show up and the defense won't and it's the defense showing up and not the offense the following week, if they can just all show up at the same time they will have a decent team. I agree Carson needs to prove himself and Rudi needs to carry the ball more to take preasure off of him. As for the defense we have a few good veterans and some rookies that will be great one day, I don't expect a superbowl this year but I don't want to have to accept anything less then a playoff bound season.
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