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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
The sad thing is, and I don't want to pump up the Ratbirds and their fans, but I look at the Ravens and their fans as pure hatred and it should be that way. It actually brings meaning to our rivalry and I appreciate the hate they have for us because it is mutual.

For the Doncos, and I hope they read this, that they are so out-classed by having the shot to play US this Sunday, that I can care two shits less about their horrendous fanbase and their pathetic team to even muster up enough to go over there and let them have it. They should shake our HANDS and thank us, Steelers fans, personally, one on one, that they have the chance to see a real team come into their house and play Sunday.

This whole Donco team is an absolute mess and joke and their fans are proving to be even dumber than they already look. Go make another billboard for an absolute shit of a player, retards.

I really don't care how big of an asshole I sound like. This is the playoffs and we are going into enemy territory. That loss from the Super Bowl still stings, and here we are having a shot at the Lombardi once again.

I hope our team feels the same way as I do because if they do, then their going to knock these guys blocks off and get ready for the Ratbirds. I don't want ANY brownie points from any other teams fans anymore, especially from a team that backed their way into the playoffs coming from a SUCK division that deserves NONE of the perks that come with a playoff birth.
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