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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us

Originally Posted by Tebow15Time View Post
Don't get too offended a lot of Denver Broncos fans hate Denver Broncos fans. Don't think that's possible check out some of the threads, you'd be shocked at some of the Tebow threads.

That's a shame. I know Tebow doesn't seem all that great as a QB, but after hearing him speak so many times, I would find it extremely hard to bash that kid. Good luck Sunday and wishing the Broncos no injuries.

This isn't intended towards you, but I gotta LOL at that lame-ass "I hate the Steelers" thread over there. Sad actually. Oh and for you idiots, well the head idiot over there, that called the Steelers the most "tainted" franchise in the NFL...LOLOLOLOL!!! Oh your jealousy oozes all the way to Pittsburgh, loser! Guess you forgot the Broncos getting fined for cheating just like the Pats, oh and of course there's the cap cheating in the 90s, guess you forgot that too. Cheaters get caught and fined...ooops, since the Pats are the most tainted franchise in the NFL, guess that puts the horses right up there with them. I would hang my head in shame rooting for that cheating team! Piss off losers, go to your local community college (I'm sure Denver has to have at least one) and learn football 101 and learn a thing or two before you open your dumb-ass mouths. See ya Sunday!
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