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Default Re: Real men

Here is some of what is being said but I can't find the rest.

[06:38 PM] Bengal Dave: I drink OJ and watch 24 and I like porn.
[06:37 PM] BengalsFan21: Dave don't leave me hangin admit to watching the stuff to
[06:36 PM] Bengal Dave: So this is what happens when Im working all day now.
[06:36 PM] BengalsFan21: i watch other stuff to, CSI, the shield, ladder 49, 24, see i'm not to far gone
[06:35 PM] TheWretchedMass: the O.C????.....i cannot put enough emphesis on......WTF?????????????????????/
[06:31 PM] BengalsFan21: the oc is awesome i'm telling you its like a soap everyone is boinking everyone
[04:51 PM] NotDarkYet: The frickin OC too!?!!!!! seriously man, trade in your testicles for someone that is gonna use em
[04:41 PM] ntdkytsgirl: I'll call ya later
[04:24 PM] BengalsFan21: bye shell
[04:24 PM] Turtle Shell: Mel If you need to reach me call de cell m Bye
[04:23 PM] Turtle Shell: ok I gotta go out for a few ill talk to yas later on
[04:23 PM] BengalsFan21: o my bad I meant ummm didn't you read the coma sutra...or however it's spelled
[04:22 PM] BDDFC: BF21, no I don't watch Dr. Phil Neither should you.
[04:21 PM] Turtle Shell: hell...lets go everyday
[04:20 PM] Turtle Shell: Mel yer always puttin gas in my car But I dont need money to go shoppin If you wanna go today we can We will just go again when I do have cash
[04:18 PM] ntdkytsgirl: I can put gas in your car shell...but if you wanna wait til you get some money that's cool too
[04:18 PM] BengalsFan21: you cannot please a women with out pleasing yourself first....dude don't you watch dr.phil
[04:17 PM] BengalsFan21: in order to get in touch with the females side you must first get in touch with your femine side
[04:15 PM] BDDFC: I am not in touch my femine side. I will get in touch with a females side though
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