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Default Re: I hardly ever agree with anything Terrell Suggs has to say, except this.

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
However, if a person like Tebow (or any religious athlete) goes onto the field with strong faith that God is with him, that's power in the mind.

They have also cured cancer with sugar tablets too, while telling the patient it was some revolutionary new treatment.

Tebow and his congregation can continue thinking he won games for them due to some divine intervention or miracle "it" factor, but it is no more accurate than the cancer patient above. Tebow is abyssmal as an NFL QB. The main reason he won those games was the level of competition (or lack thereof) and his defense. A 40% comletion percentage and 60 yards per game is not going to take you far as an NFL QB. matter of factly, none of us would hold our current job titles if we were only able to do our jobs less than 70% of the time.

I am looking forward to not having to hear about Tim Tebow and his miraculous victories over 0-7 teams with a 40% completion percentage after Sunday.
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