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Default Re: I hardly ever agree with anything Terrell Suggs has to say, except this.

Originally Posted by RatbirdExtreme View Post
Nah, the most popular scenario down here in Ballmer is to have the Steelers beat NE and face us at home in the AFCCG. Thats what most of us want down here.
But I bet you, that is NOT what your team wants. I sure as hell know that isn't what Joe Sacko wants.....he probably still has sweaty nightmares at night with a huge #56 and #92 coming at him....

I wonder how many times Harbaugh made him watch the replay of Polamalu stripping your 2010 Superbowl hopes out of Sacko's hands on the last play of the 2010 AFCC to get them ready for this season?

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