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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Haha! It's all good...good on you to come out and admit it!

I'll admit something too...I had to google Howie Long to actually find out that he wasn't a QB like I thought he was, let alone playing for the Raiders.

I had to make sure he didn't actually play for the Steelers for a short time or something. I'm using the excuse of that was before I really started watching football though, and I'm sticking with that.

I get that the thread is just for fun though. It's the playoffs, you kind of expect a certain amount of smack talk though. My only issue (that has nothing to do with you) is the fact that Broncos fans can make a smack talking thread in the general section, and then chastise other fans for talking smack back (and directing them to the smack forum). I get it's their forum...but where's the fun in sitting around and talking smack with fellow fans? It's like rubbing each others buttocks or something.
You should see some of the things that they have given me infractions for. It was more of a light hearted joke thread, but yes I'm a little surprised that the mods didn't/haven't moved it.
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