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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us


i could go off on bill romanowski (what was posted above is just the tip of the iceberg).

i hate that i get off on watching replays of what happened to ed mccafreys leg on the monday night of sept. 10, 2001.

i hate that the steelers didnt trade down with denver so that they could MOVE UP into the 1st round and draft tim "broadside barn" tebow.

i hate schlereth's weak ass green chile. ive seen tomatos pack more flavor and heat.

i hate the mile high salute. those clowns never served.

i hate the stupid clip of sharpe calling the national guard because they were beating the patriots. whats that even supposed to mean?

i hate how their NBA team is named after chicken bites.

i hate that panther piss beer coors light and all the freaking commercials nfl fans have to endure trying to convince us its anything more that nasty tap water that give you a headache.

i hate the rocky mountain flats and the seeping nuclear waste radiation it supposedly covers.

i hate that all of eastern colorado is just a large extension of kansas.
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