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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
what suprises me is for a team that has actually won back to back championships in the past 2 decades, their fans hatred and jealousy reeks of that seen amongst brownie and bungle fans. it must be something with teams that wear orange.
Actually most of us don't hate anybody beside McDaniels and Cutler.
you know what i hate about denver (besides their ghastly old orange and blue uniforms that made the bucs creamsickle look cool)?
Atleast we have changed ours. Your throwbacks look like hockey jerseys. But I guess that is ok when you are the second best team in your own city.
they allowed the 49ers to become the 1st team to tie the steelers with most lombardis in SB history (4). i actually wasted the time pulling for that crap team to beat the 49ers and they completely choked and laid a giant egg shaped piece of shit upon the field.
That game was pathetic but the 49ers were a dynasty. John Elway got our pathetic team to the superbowl, but at the end of the day the 49ers were much more talented at every position on the field.
i hate how brister and hoge had em on the ropes in the 91 playoffs for the upset in denver and they lucked out with refs help to a win on what woulda been the game winning drive.
When you have as many 4th quarter comebacks as Elway it isn't luck.
i hate romanowski spitting in peoples faces. i hate bill's tacklebox full of steroids and the fact that he would send his little boy to school with a little mini-tacklebox full of suppliments. i hate nfl has beens who have to shill chicken grease suppliments and play gay cowboys in low budget b-films to grasp onto some sort of relevancy and help pay their bills. i hate romo slapping his head at kordell in 97 when we handed the inferior broncos a superbowl appearance on a platter.
I hate how steelers fans think they can complain about dirty players. You alright there?
i hate how we dominated them twice in 97 and it was a lucky 3rd and 7 pass whizzing by our defenders ear to shannon sharpe that cost us a chance to face green bay.
When you have as many 4th quarter comebacks as Elway it isn't luck.
i hate how people in denver like to shoot (and even kill) nfl players... even if its their own.
Low blow. That it isn't even funny. Rest In Peace Darren.
i hate how ANY nfl franchise could be retarded enough to allow josh mcdaniels to wreck their franchise even WORSE than what lane kiffen did in oakland. i predicted NOBODY would ever be as much of a complete trainwreck fail and denver immediately proved me wrong. while i dont hate being proven wrong, i hate denver for proving a team could suck even worse.
McDaniels was taking the team in the right direction. Is it a huge surprise that both Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow regressed after he left?
i hate that i was actually moved when john elway cried like a sniveling little schoolgirl bitch at the press conference announcing his retirement.
Football is emotional. He loved the game. Go ahead hate on QB better than any the Steelers have and will ever had.
i hate gary zimmerman
I hated our lineman too. Just wait till what I have to say about Stink.
i like how broncofans sold out and immediately loved neal smith. steelerfans would NEVER do the same with t. suggs. i hate how their fans have no pride.
Pride? Pride? I root for every player that suits up in blue and orange. Every single player. Not because of who they are as people, but because they are my broncos.
i hate how bronco fans think t. davis is a HOFer. i hate how they also thought anderson, gary and portis would also be hall of famers. steelers have franco and jerome. our fans KNOW what a HOF back looks like.
Davis was much better than Harris and Bettis in his way too short career. But he doesn't deserve the Hall of Fame. **** you Matt Lepsis.
i hate how all their teams success was built around the chop block, not john elways 3X sb losing talents or supposed HOF running backs.
Elway's 3x losing teams were terrible teams all together. Elway took the team on his back and carried them. Get a clue.
i hate that i like the fact that mark schelereth shit and pissed himself while on the field and nowadays readilly admits that he would cheat any way he thought he could get away with.
Stink. I don't even know where to start. You go on Letterman or whatever and took full credit for the SB wins. You have disqusting green chile. You self promote your lineman ass every 5 seconds. You root against the broncos. Definitely the worst person to ever be a bronco. You get what you deserve, how were those 30 knee surgeries?
i hate how their stupid fans chant IN_COM_PLETE after every opponent's incompletion. if they did that after watching tebow, theyd lose their voices by the middle of the 1st quarter. rotfl
We haven't seriously done that in years. Atleast we don't wave around towels.
i could go on, but im suddenly bored....
Its people like you that are what is wrong with this world. Don't you ever mention Darren's ****ing name or situation again. You white trash piece of shit. Seriously jump off a building.
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