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Default Re: So......apparantly Bronco fans HATE us

Originally Posted by THEdraftnik View Post

Its people like you that are what is wrong with this world. Don't you ever mention Darren's ****ing name or situation again. You white trash piece of shit. Seriously jump off a building.
dont you ever call me white again, you ****ing beatnick.

i will assume youre black and live in denver. since you live in denver, i hold you personally responsible for shooting joey porter in the ass and burying sluggs in d. williams chest, neck (severing his jugular) and head.

now **** off you douchey crytard, and tell your fellow donkey fans not to shoot anybody up tomorrow night when your gay assed team is out celebrating the end of their season.

oh, and on your way out, would you mind cutting and pasting my "why i hate the broncos post" that you spent so much time dissecting and answering on the donkstick board this thread originates from?

thanks brah! 'preciate it.
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