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Default Re: Suggs Running his big flappers again

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
sure winning the division matters. but that isnt the point of your discussion that was being addressed now is it?

you see, a division is won through the course of 16 games. not 2.

the ravens won the division on the last game of the regular season played last week in cincinatti. not in 2 games where their head coach took a golden shower on the field or beat the team that had owned his ass in all previous years.

the fact that ravenfans believe otherwise is more proof that they are delusional. the funny part is the raven players (who are not a cerebral bunch by any means) think the same way.

i hope their early dismissal from the playoffs is just as miserable this season as it has been since 2000 because if they think they have some mental edge it is just fools gold.
If we had lost once to you, we would have lost the division to you. Just like last year when we lost to you midseason, that second game made the difference, not some cupcake game against the bungles.
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