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Default Re: Suggs Running his big flappers again

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
deflection huh? mix in some diversion and your final act of desperation will be spin.

cant answer the question or are you just chicken? oops... youre raven which means you dont know the answer.

just to humor my fellow board members and prove i can answer a simple question, thus making me smarter than ANY ravenfan.

the answer is we wouldve finished the regular season 13-3 and wraped up the division in week 16 vs rams while watching you lose to denver tomorrow instead of possibly the patriots the following week, thus robbing us of our opportunity to make you cry in the playoffs yet again.
Exactly. Instead we sit at home and watch YOU play god's QB.

To answer your question "just to prove I can answer bullsh it bullsh it bullsh it etc etc...." we clinched in week 17 against the bungles. But the division was taken out of YOUR hands that week we beat you, because we owned the tie breaker and left that week with the same record. Is that not correct? After that game, the division was out of your hands and we were firmly in the driver seat, despite possessing the same record.
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