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Default Re: Johnathan Joseph is going to eat Holmes's lunch.

umm i dont give a shit waht color someone is , what they look like, what they do on their own time or if thier daddy bought them a 500,000 house... i wish somoene would be me one cause mine was only 120 000 and i sure would like a pool with one of those lil waterfall things on the end while drinking my margarita with one of thsoe lil umbrellas in them like i have when in Mexico.

As long as somoene is a Steeler fan, i am fine with em.

now back to this original post... I dont care what Joseph can do... Holmes is not and will not be our primary target, the Bengals have about 4 people to worry about so maybe they should of have drafted a few more corners to be able to cover everyone we have.
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