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Default Re: I hardly ever agree with anything Terrell Suggs has to say, except this.

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
Hello to everyone... I have been around for a long time and I just like all of you love the Steelers.. Just now starting to post here. Had been over at another site for quite a few years but the board is just not as good as it use to be... Anyway had some good friends tell me to come this way so here I am.. lets get the Playoffs rolling baby.... As far as the Suggs thing... he is a thug.. he would never look good in the Black N Gold uniform period.. All he is doing is praying himslef.. he is Praying that what he says fires up Tebow cause he wants no part of our steelers in the playoffs... We own them and he knows it.. Injured or not we win playoff games.. This is not the regular season its real now.. Dont get me wrong I want Tebow to go down and down hard this weekend.. but the kid is a good kid a role model and someone that has given back his whole life... Suggs is a thug plain and simple.. give him time and he will be wearing his new colors after football,,, Orange he and Ray Ray can sit in the cell and bad mouth GOD together... One last thing Question " Lamrr do you think Joe Flacco will ever win a superbowl? Answer.. " No because he has to beat Pittsburgh to do that "
Wow. You know, sometimes in life it's better to be in control of your feelings a little bit. Just sayin'
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