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Cool Re: Grading the Draft Graders.....

You have to factor in that we were picking 32nd when grading our draft.

"Pittsburgh had to surrender three picks to move up a measly seven spots" - What a putz. We wanted quality over quantity.

"Why is it Bill Cowher's responsibility to make sure LenDale White acts like a grown-up?" - It was the media that sensationalized the whole LenDale story.

"High marks ? The Steelers addressed virtually every need. They paid a steep price to move up seven spots in the first round" - Uh. No. And no. We didn't draft a RB that can compete for the No. 2 spot immediately. And with all the extra picks we needed to trim down the rookie roster. I thought the price was right especially retrospectively.

"I'm no closer to knowing how this rookie class will pan out than I was Sunday evening." Ahhhh. Finally. Reality instead of quasi-science. As long as there is a human element there will be surprises and disappointments.
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