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Default Re: Steelers out... Who do you want to win?

Bronco's aren't near good enough to take it all the way, it just ain't happening. They only beat us by having a career day playing a hobbled and crippled team who also decided to not show up (with the remainder of guys who WERE able to play).

That said....i'm rooting for New Orleans to win it for a number of reasons.

1. Brees is on FIRE, completely lighting up everybody and everything. I'd take him over Rogers any day of the week. Plus the entire team looks stronger.
2. Don't want to see the Pats win (obvious reasons)
3. Don't want to see the Raven's win
4. Don't want to see the Packers win again. Rogers has become arrogant and extremely annoying (and many of their weenie fans are annoying as well...not all of them...but a large chunk of them are).

So for me, its the Saints. If you had to twist my arm to pick another, i'd probably say the Raven's since they're the team that most closely resembles the Steelers.
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