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Default Re: Ravens React To Steelers Loss

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
We gladly kicked that ass all over the field every time we played you in the post-season so I never recalled us saying we "don't want to see Baltimore" in the playoffs.I don't give two shits about any kind of compliment for my team coming from a piece of shit team like the Ravens. And trust me, we would of looked forward to waltzing into your bitchass stadium and sent you home crying for the 4th time this decade. You're lucky we got eliminated. A big ass asterisk should be placed next to the Ravens name if they beat Houston. You guys simply didn't have to go through us to advance. Keep being obsessed with us, MORON. I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here you cumguzzling troll. **** YOU and the rest of your hoodlums. GTFO.

i am tony hipchest - moderator- and i do NOT endorse this post.

seriously though, if we feel the need to call eachother morons and cumslurpers, for the betterment of the board, lets all try to ATLEAST keep it contained in the Blast Furnace.
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