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Default Re: Ravens React To Steelers Loss

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
I hear their STILL cleaning up Gatorade in Harbaugh's living room when the Broncos eliminated the Steelers. IMHO, this Ravens team just isn't that good & their losses to inferior teams prove that. Other than Denver, Baltimore is now the weakest team in the NFL playoffs. If they do make it to the dance, any NFC team would destroy them, preferably Brees or Rodgers. No chance an AFC team wins the Super Bowl, not with juggernauts like NO and GB playing the way they are. New England is the only AFC offense to do it, but Brees would easily throw for 7 TD's against that pathetic defense.
What do our 2 wins against YOU, our sweep of the division, our 8-0 record at home and our 7-2 record against 500+ teams say about our chances next week and in the SB? Oh yea, Juggernauts like GB that put up a whopping 14 pts against a powerhouse like the CHIEFS.

We suck because we dropped 2 stinkers on the road all season long?

Get your head out of your ass.

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