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Default Re: Ravens React To Steelers Loss

If anything I think the Steelers disrespected the Broncos...thinking they wanted the Patriots and Baltimore. Nothing would be sweeter to advance tot he SB after beating those 2 teams. That's the difference between the steelers and other teams. Raven fan would be praying not to get the Steelers in the playoffs.... the steelers would be dreaming of a 3rd shot...even after losing twice.

I really hope this loss hurts the steelers in the FO and in the locker room. Then maybe next year they'll be a little more focused and a lot less arrogant. They truly believed that the lockout gave them an advantage coming into this season. If anything we were one of the sloppiest teams in the league all season. I thought we looked poorly coached and at times unprepared.

Letting your players dictate if they start or not is also not good. Tomlin made a big mistake playing Ben and Pouncey agianst cleveland. I'll argue that we likely beat Denver if that mistake wasn't made. If Batch can't beat the Browns in week 17 after you already have a playoff spot secured then why is he on our team?
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