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Default LOL @ the Raiders

Say your the Raiders owner/GM. You finally get a legitimate QB, some realistic young talent at LB and WR. The new coach comes in and figures out why the run game is struggling then unleashes McFadden and Bush who carry and receive the ball well all year. The players love the coach and the coach believes in the players. Al Davis died so no longer do you have to worry about starting with a whole new team every year with a different ego inflated super star every year. You finally don't have a losing season, and if it wasn't for injuries all year, specifically to McFadden you probably make the wild card playoffs. You put together some impressive wins against teams that the previous year would blow you out 50-0. What's your first move.....

....Fire your new coach!!!


Honestly, and I don't care much for the Raiders or their fans (no offense), but I honestly feel bad for Raiders fans and the few legitimate players they have. Not one year has that organization allowed the team to stay together and actually build. Not one star have they tried to build around. The Raiders will just continue to only buy one star a year like Randy Moss, and when that one star doesn't bring them a championship with a new coach, new QB, and new defense, then he's gone the next year and it's on to the next star, with a new QB, new coach and new defense. You should see their new GM, I just watched the press conference for his introduction, he seems borderline "slow".

Thank you to Colbert and the Rooneys for never giving an opposing fan a reason to make a post like this on their forum about us, we are spoiled as Steeler fans, but the Raiders make the Browns fans look spoiled.
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