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Default Re: Steelers out... Who do you want to win?

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
Giants. Some will say I'm crazy, but they are going to go up and win in Green Bay just like they did on the road to their SB win. Their run game finally got going and their passing game has been close to that of the Packers and Patriots. There front 4 gets more pressure than our front 7 unfortunately. I think the only way the Giants lose in the playoffs is if they have to play the Saints in the dome. IMO it will be either the Saints or Giants vs the Patriots. The Texans and Broncos don't have a prayer, and the Ravens will not win at Gillette. The Ravens D can learn a lot from the way we beat the Pats, but Flacco isn't capable of picking them apart like Ben did, and the Pats actually are decent stopping the run. Rice will have a decent day, but overall the team will lose.
That actually wouldn't shock me if the Giants beat the Pack. They may not have the Saints offensive capabilities but they have shown that they are capable beating offensive juggarnauts and unlike New Orleans this is a team that knows the elements. They're also getting hot at the right time too. Sadly have to agree with you about the Patriots. Can't see anyone knocking off the Pats.
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