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Default Re: Overrated/ underrated AFCN Players?

I do not think ANY football player who has made the NFL is UNDERrated. The video I saw on draft day that all the players have to go through to make it to the draft was unbelieveable and I had no idea they went through so much. Each player is full of athleticism and it doesn't really matter if they are a star player or on the practice squad. The guys on the practice squad are who make the team a good team.
For anyone to say that a Superbowl team is overrated is simply ignorant. Even with the disdain I hold for the Patriots, I would be the first to say they are an awesome team. The only reason I have felt any negative feelings about them is because they have beat the Steelers so many times, no other reason. And that is the same reason many fans of other teams do not like the Steelers because they don't like the same team in the playoffs every year, they would kinda like to see their team in. We have all been there we know how it feels. Some fans are "overrated" but no football player in the NFL is.
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