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Default Re: Overrated/ underrated AFCN Players?

First things first. I'm really tired of the Bengals fans. I never really hated the Bengals before last year. I didn't like them but I straight out hate the Ravens and Browns. But after the Bengals finally have one good year. The Bengals fans think they are greatest thing in the NFL.

Second if any fan think thats Hines Ward is overrated then they don't have freaking clue and shouldn't watch football. Hines and the numbers he puts up on a run first football team speaks for itself. Throw in the blocking that Hines does and it puts him on another level.

Steelers fans know how important Ben Roethlisberger is to our team. I can see where other teams fans think that he is overrated since he doesn't put up the big numbers like a Peyton Manning. But fans that don't watch Steelers games like us Steelers don't know that the Steelers usually have a very balanced offense in first half of games. Then in the second half when the Steelers have the lead they shut down the passing game and run the football to close the game out.

Big Ben's 27-4 record speaks for itself. I don't want to hear that other QB's like Eli Manning could have the same record if Eli was the QB of the Steelers. I'm sure the Steelers would still have a winning record but not a 27-4 record.

How can Willie Parker be overrated also? The guy was undrafted and rushed for 1200 yards with a 4.7 yards per carry.

Bengals fans make me sick anymore. The rivalry between our teams is back. I hope the Steelers continue to lay the smack down on the Bengals like they always. Now I could have the same class less posts like other rival fans and make an overrated list. But even though I'm a diehard Steelers fans I do respect other teams players talents.
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