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Default Re: World Cup Thread

How they dont take Twellman I dont know, he was the leader in points per game in the MLS last year for cryin out loud and doesnt even deserve a spot on the team?? Even a spot on the bench? Especially with playing experience in the German league with Munich. Also if Freddy Adu is the future of US soccer shouldnt he at least get a spot on the bench?? I know he tends to make some bonehead plays but I think they should of at least made him a bench warmer. That way he can get some World Cup experience and then for the next world cup we would have him comming into his prime with Donovan who would be still in his prime. Those are the only gripes I have. If Donovan doesnt show up we lose. We must take or at least draw the match with the Czech Republic if we want to move on.
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