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Default Re: Ravens React To Steelers Loss

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Regular season records mean nothing in the playoffs. Whole different situation.
Let's examine that.

Superbowl winners with 8 losses? 0
Superbowl winners with 7 losses? 0
6 losses? 3
5 losses? 3
4 losses? 11
3 losses? 11
2 losses? 12
1 loss? 4
0 losses? 1

Noticing a trend here? See how it isn't a random distribution, but skewed towards teams with 4 or fewer losses? Yea, regular season records are actually a great indicator of post season success.

Also, 4 whole 8-8 teams made it to the divisional round in the history of the superbowl. Of course, one of those 4 was the 1985 Browns, who had a bye week during the wildcard round, so they were one and done in the playoffs. So yea, regular season record tends to at least predict post season success. 66% of 8-8 teams that make the playoffs go one and done.

EDIT: Not trying to rub it in, just pointing to a few numbers that contradict your opinion.

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