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Default Re: Ravens React To Steelers Loss

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Well in my opinion they're not. Regular season records determine playoff seeding and whether or not a team wins it's respective division which again has to do with playoff seeding. Once the playoffs role around it's no holds barred. Teams break open the playbooks and it's all or nothing. Look at the Cardinals and their route to Super Bowl 43. How about last year when the Saints got knocked off by Seattle? This year we got beat by Denver.
Yea, I would say the Saints dropped one to an inferior team-- huge failure on their part. We did the same thing earlier in the season, difference being it wasn't in the post season--still a huge failure, but not choking in the post season. I would say the exact same thing about the Steelers. You dropped one to an inferior team--huge post season failure, one I do not hope to repeat, which is where this argument started. My prediction is the Bronco's mediocrity catches up with them in Foxborough.
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