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Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
so your like...the wonder twins ???

lol... im the one with the giant bulge in my trousers that doesnt have the boobs.

just so you all know, just deleting the damn spam posts is a pretty tedious process (especially if youre doing it with a laptop touch pad or from the celly). unfortunately theres not just one button to simply get rid of it. in some cases its several pages of navigation and multiple clicks just to get rid of a single post.

ric and i (along with scmom) have given up our day jobs and it has been an effort soaked with blood, sweat and tears, along with gallons of spewed jizm, just to get this place as dirty as we have.

despite the very handsom salary, we do this for nothing more than y'all, our beloved steelers, and pure self gratification.

seriously though, we are trying. what is happening now with the spammers has always happened. times in the past there was a 24 hour watch and it was cleaned up instantly before many even noticed.

it happens in waves, picking up at the height of playoff traffic and then again, in the dead of summer when they think nobody is watching. its just the nature of the message board forum beast and we are dealing with it to the best of our capabilities.
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