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Default Re: Opinion On Our Teams Problems

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
This may get lengthy but I wanted to write down, what I believe to be this teams problem. Understand that this is my own opinion and that you can disagree or agree on some aspects. Here we go....


Let me first say that I firmly believe that Arians needs to go. I absolutely hate some of the sets he uses. The line passes that he uses atleast five times a game. I really hate that the only run play he has when in shotgun is that stupid draw. Sitting there as an observer, I can tell 95% of the time if it is going to be pass or run from the formation.

To say this team was horrid this season in the red zone is an under statement. This leads into my next point. We NEED a big possession WR or else a big quick TE. I am sorry, but we can not rely on 4 undersized WR and a slow TE in Miller down in the red zone and frankly anywhere. We need a guy that can go up and catch the ball and cause matchup issues. I wouldn't mind if we drafted a big WR and a quick TE.

Big Ben.. I will keep it short and to the point on him. I know you are famous for your run around style and toughness, but for god sakes, get rid of the f' ing ball sooner. You know and everyone else knows our offensive line is a joke. It is all right to throw the ball away sometimes. The last thing on Ben. I absolutely hate how he waits until there is one second on the play clock every single snap. Did anyone notice Brees today? He quicked snapped the ball very often and caught the 49ers D on defense. Also snapping the ball leads to more plays and more plays to more chances of scoring.
Ben regressed this year. A lot of it's on Arians but I'm pointing the finger at him too. Elite quarterbacks don't throw less than 25 TDs and have less than a 2:1 TD to INT ratio in a passing offense.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post

Offensive Line.. I don't know what to say. Can our FO sign a free agent or draft a guy in the first round. We need a franchise LT or a G in the first round of this draft. I hate watching this unit play well one game and then the next get totally embarrassed. We need a make over.
If Peter Konz falls to us, I will be very happy. He was just as good a center as Pouncey. We'd have one of the better interior lines in the league with them next to eachother.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post

Defensive Line.. We need to go young. Casey Hampton, with his price tag, needs to go. I also believe we need a fast pass rusher on one side. Woodley and Harrison are both power guys and as we seen in some games this year, neither of them got pressure at all. Heyward and Ziggy both should see a very big increase in playing time.

Jason Worilds is a speed rusher...

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post

ILB... I HATE seeing Farrior covering anyone. He simple can not cover. I think Sylvester deserves a chance to start. I love Timmons but I can't even count how many times he has bit on play action and has gotten burnt.

Timmons had a down year and Farrior is very bad. tonyhipchest will argue that he had his best season ever in 2010 and tell us how elite he is because he has X amount of tackles (really a 3-4 ILB with a lot of tackles?!) but he's wrong as usual. Burfict would be a sexy pick as he's pretty relentless and fast but he's undisciplined much like Mauluga was so I think we're leaning towards the safe pick in Hightower.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post

DB.... We need another DB I hate to say it. I don't know what is going on because our FO is good at draftinjg but we can not seem to find a good capable starting DB in the draft. We still need help back there because the games our pass rush doesnt get there we are still getting burnt.

We could use one with first round talent like Alfonzo Dennard (I'm not very high on him) but we have a lot of guys waiting in the wings in Lewis, Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen. There's no point in drafting another 3rd round corner when we have a plethora of them on the roster. I say we leave the secondary as it is. Minus the Tebow debacle, they were solid all year long

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post


If this team spends money on Sepulvida again I will throw up.This guy has the knees of an 80 year old women.
Kapinos will likely take over. It's unfortunate that Sepulveda can't stay healthy because he's really one of the better punters in the league. I hope we get rid of Suisham though. A kicker is very important if your offense sucks at scoring TDs.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post

To close, we need to get younger. We need to do what the Baltimore Ravens did last year. Get younger and faster. I will catch hell for this but I believe Ward, Hampton, Harrison and Farrior should be shown the door or bench.
The Ravens aren't that much younger than we are. They are still a veteran-laden defense with Lewis, Reed, and Redding. They were just coached a hell of a lot better this season.

Harrison is still our best all around player on defense. To hell with Ward, Hampton and Farrior though.
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