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Default Re: Saints vs 49ers playoffs

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
shocking. I had thought the Saints actually might be the ones to win it all.

I think the "prevent" defense has seen its best days. These new passing offenses completely obliterate it...almost every time.
OTOH the Saints D-coordinator is being blasted in New Orleans for blitzing on the long pass to Davis on the last possession

Regardless of whether aggression is in the DNA of the Saints' defense, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his staff absolutely shouldn't have been blitzing Smith on second-and-10 from the 49ers' 33-yard line, with 40 seconds left.

As contrary as two-deep coverage might be to their nature, and as much as the collective defense might break out in hives if asked to execute the scheme, if ever there was a time to run it, it was with 40 seconds remaining and the opponent 67 yards away from the end zone.

It's flag football - a good QB can shred any defense in the last 2 minutes under today's rules
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