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Default Re: Refereeing in general

That NYG/GB was soo badly refed that I actually wanted to watch our loss to the Broncos. They missed that Jennings fumble and even though it didn't end up costing the Giants it could have. They missed soo many personal fouls that could have made the Giants win so much more easier and that stupid Roughing The Rodgers penalty was biggeer bs than Tebow beating us.

Goodell brain washed what used to be decent referees into absolute crap refs. His stupid "Keep The Players Safe" talk is so bad and it is terribly ironic. No helmet-to-helmet contact, but if the ball carrier is running it is fair game and also if the QB is out of the pocket it is fair game. And idk how if one Steeler player commits a personal foul they get fines $40,000, but if any other player commits a personal foul they either dont get fined or they get fined $15,000. He needs to go and James Harrison needs to become Commissioner
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