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Default Re: New York Giants/ Green Bay Packer

i LOVE it. I have learned in the last year to hate the Packers.
Going into the SB last year, they and Aaron Rogers were portrayed as "nice" guys, real people (not typical sport attitudes), and their fans as the greatest, down-home people in the country. By the media of course.
Personally, i've found :
1. Their fans to be major weenies and highly annoying
2. Way too many calls go in their favor (or don't get called)...i watched a number of games this year
3. And that Aaron Rogers, is in fact, not a nice guy, but a real arrogant SOB, from his ****iness in interviews to his supremely annoying "championship belt" routine.

I'm glad that NY advanced. In the last half of this year, Eli Manning has creeped up silently, while Brees/Brady/Rogers garner all the press, to be possibly the best QB in the league (at least for the 2nd half of the season).
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