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Default Re: Refereeing in general

Agreed TRH, Goodell has these guys thinking about what would happen if they didn't call the penalties instead of them thinking as a referee. And the reason?? Because 1 weekend of football last season that coincidentally got 5 players hurt with concussions; 4 of them legal hits (B. Meriweather hit was dirtier than anything), but really if maybe 2 of those hits happen than all of this "Protect The Player" or "Helmet-To-Helmet" or "Concussion' junk would probably never have been brought up at all. Goodell has changed the look of football forever because now defenses cannot play defense anymore. DB's and LB's are now forced to let the receiver make a football move or land on the ground before they even allowed to touch them. That is horse s***. Players want to get hit, that is why they have always played the game. Goodell is the reason why Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's record. Goodell turned this league into a passing league and soon enough Goodell will turn this league into a Flag-Football league (I dont actually believe that, but it is plausible). He either needs to go (in my opinion he should go) or because the NFL has never and will never fire a Commissioner he needs to change his perception of the game. He is thinking about money way too much and that is not what this game was about before he was Commissioner.
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