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Default Re: Texans Vs. Ravens Game

Originally Posted by ItalianSteelersFan178443 View Post
I wouldn't hate the Ravens so much if you guys just really understood that your team has 0 success since 2000. We beat you twice to go the Super Bowl, we have won the AFC North more since 2000, and we can win road playoff games. You guys envy our team so much that you hate us, you hate us because of our success, you hate us cause we beat you guys when it really counts, you hate us cause our QB is better than yours. So you have no reason to hate us. And why you are on a STEELERS board is still very odd. Its like a dog eating cat food, it just doesn't make sense so go away!
We don't. We don't envy your team so much that we hate you. That's just plain arrogance. I mean is your team so good all of a sudden that you instantly know what we're thinking? Have you ascended to some god-like plane of existence where you can automatically say, "Oh that guy totally wants his football team to be just like the Steelers."

Do we hate you because your QB is better than ours? God no.

Do we hate you because you beat us when it counts? Well hell, when doesn't it count? Every game counts and the moment you start thinking of games as expendable is the moment when your franchise is headed for a downward spiral.

Why am I on a Steelers board? Maybe I should've added a TL;DR tag at the very end of my post but I answered that question previously. Also, we won a Super Bowl in 2001, so we've had success since 2000, success that you guys don't care about but success nonetheless.
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