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Default Re: Nightmare scenarios forming

yeah, I really don't know who to root for... or against for that matter

the least offensive team to root for would be the 49ers, but that would take away our bragging rights for most superbowl trophies

then there's the Giants, another Superbowl win would give Eli just as many as Ben

I don't think I could bear the media if Brady and Belichick won another Superbowl. The Ravens would be terrible to bear for a year, but it would really only be a flash in the pan, they're not set up for any sort of dominant run. If the Pats win we'll have to see and hear the Brady and Belichick ball sucking even more than we already do, and it will be for forever.

Regardless I'll likely be rooting for the NFC, although if the Ravens won I think it might help light a fire under our Steelers not unlike how the Ravens responded this season to our Superbowl run last season.
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