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Default Playoffs format sucks

I don't like the format of the playoffs.
16 games of regular season vs a max of 3 playoff games for some teams and only 2 for the others is a joke.
I'd like to see the top 6 teams per conference playing each other and the 2 teams with the max number of pts (3 for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss) go to the SB. Oh and no more overtime. If the 2 teams are tied, they get 1 point each.
We could have the same pts system during the regular season. No more weak division champs making the playoffs when teams with a higher % don't make it.
This would create 5 weeks of playoffs after a general bye week at the end of the regular season.
The SB would be played at the end of Feb which is not. a bad period IMO.

The League and the owners want to increase the number of games? This is one solution and there will be more $$$ generated.

Whatcha think?
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