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Default Re: Playoffs format sucks

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
Im ok with it as is providing we get the bye. At least we get to week 2 in the playoff, LOL Dollars generated to owners is minimal at best in the grand scheme of things, unless th enetworks anti up more for the extra rounds

I do feel that record should dictate rankings and home field not a division winner. Denver in any world should not have played at home after having an 8-8 season. That should be changed as that is purely by luck, not winning games that they get home field.

Ot games, IMO not because we lost. Each team should get the ball, no matter what. They won;t change it during the reg season as the games run late enough as it is and plays havoc on the TV networks.
The thing is a tie is possible during the regular season so why have a different format for the playoffs? It doesn't make any sense. My position has nothing to do with the Steelers loss to Denver in OT. Using my format, both Denver and the Steelers would have earned 1pt, going into their 2nd game of the playoffs. We'd be 2pts behind the teams having won their 1st game and 1pt ahead of the losers in the 1st game.
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