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Default Re: 2007 NFL QB Class

One of the most talented classes ever haha, but easily the worst QB draft class. J.Russell looked like he was a lineman before he agreed to deal mid-preseason. Quinn was a bust to begin with because he was coached by Charlie Weis and his adult diaper (has only noticed that he always looks like he is wearing a diaper?) T. Edwards was never good at Stanford and was always hurt and that showed right when he got into the league. D. Stanton went to MSU and they never create good or even decent QB prospects (although I think that K. Cousins can be a very effective QB in this league and he is rated as the #5 QB). T. Smith was a smaller Tebow basically in the way that he needed to run out of the pocket to create offense and did not have any arm strength at all. He had amazing weapons around him as well (kind of what Braxton Miller will turn into). Chris Leak was a great QB actually at UF, he had the arm, accuracy, vision, and discipline to be at least a back-up QB in the league, but he went undrafted actually and was signed by the Bears after the draft and released before Mini-Camp and never got another chance in this league, which is pretty sad cause he was my favorite QB in this class. John Beck is Mormon so he sucks automatically and he was 26 when he was drafted (I can't say anything bad about Beck because it is so obvious). K. Kolb is a white A. Ware, he was in a pass-happy system and it always seems that Houston QB's are amazing because their numbers are amazing, but Kolb has definitely been a below-average QB, he should have never been signed to a mega-million deal and he showed why he will always be an alright QB and an amazing backup. Jordan Palmer was just absolutely terrible in college and the only reason he was drafted was cause he had family ties in the league. He cant even make it as a backups backup (Sorry Carson, but you're brother is worse than Kyle Boller). Last and good thing he is last Tyler Palko, why was he even signed after the draft? The only good thing he did at Pitt was beat out Joe Faggo for the starting spot and now Faggo is more successful than him. Terrible QB Draft Class haha thanks for reminding everyone for how bad it is too
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