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Default Re: LOL @ the Raiders

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i know several long time, die-hard raider fans like silver & black. i find it hard to trash them or their fandom, because they do have a very rich tradition and history. while they are old time rivals, and in the nature of my own fandom its is kinda fun to trash the team, it isnt the same as with the cowboys or patriots, or even 49ers and ravens. for some reason, i do find many of the die hard lifers as pretty respectable and knowledgable who feel the same about the steelers...

but i'll agree, they aint out of the shithole yet. did they fire rod woodson? i would like to see darren perry get a chance but its p[robably a longshot.
Hey, Tony, nice to hear from you

You're right, I do feel the same way about the Steelers. Most of my friends, and even my own mother, are die hard Steelers fans. I can't imagine this league without either team anchoring it...... although, the Raiders have dropped the ball recently.

Let's hope things get righted in Raider land, and we can once again (Steelers/Raiders) show the NFL what it really means to be baddest kids on the block.

I like Perry, too... and I hope we rehire Woodson.
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