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Default Re: LOL @ the Raiders

I think hiring McKenzie was the right move and I can't begrudge him for firing Jackson. Interesting thing I found out about McKenzie is that apparently his twin brother is an assistant football coach at my old high school. I don't remember the Raiders glory years as I'm only 24 but I do have a small memory of rooting for them against the Bucs because I wanted the AFC to win. My then high school history teacher was a former Redskins tackle who hated the Raiders for the asswhomping the Raiders gave them in 83 in the SB. Anyhow, I'd like to see the Raiders be more relevant. And silver and black is right about not taking things for granted. Most of my life the Steelers have been a good team and I am thankful for that but things can change. I'd love to see the old rivalry renewed for younger generations. The Raiders are one of those teams and I'll say this about the Cowboys too are a franchise that it's just more interesting for the league when they play well.
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