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Default Re: Playoffs format sucks

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
Not sure it makes a big difference to me. I understand it's not "fair" to be 12-4 and have to go on the road to a division champ that is 8-8. But if you ask any of the Steelers players, they will most likely tell you rule #1 is win your own division first. The Steelers post season was dictated by losing the 2nd game to the Ravens. They would have been in the driver's seat with a much needed bye and the #1 seed. Having lost that, they were relegated to playing a wildcard game on the road with several injured players. Take care of your business and it shouldn't matter ... or be ready to become road warriors.
Very true. Play within the rules that you're given. Don't complain about it. The 2005 Steelers team didn't complain about going on the road. They just worked their asses off. (Not trying to say that the 2005 Steelers team should have had a home game, just providing an example)
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