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Default Well, this is totally lame. Pats don't play Steelers next year.

Whenever I check the schedules for the following year the first thing I do is look for the Steelers. Next year the Patriots will not be playing you in the regular season.

We got the Baltimore Cravens instead.

Pretty disappointing. Really, really disappointing...

I guess we'll just have to knock you out of the post season instead.
Think you can make it that far this time?

Let's hope the big bad Broncos aren't there to knock you out prematurely again.
A season without shattering the hopes and dreams of Steeler fans just doesn't seem complete. Nothing brings me greater joy than the camera shot of your sidelines at around the 2 minute warning when your bench gets that look of hopelessness and despair.

Schadenfreude: German for "Joy in other peoples suffering."
It's a staple of our football dynasty and one I prefer applied to the Steelers as much as possible.
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