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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

Originally Posted by plenewken View Post
Ben is not gifted enough to avoid practicing and certainly not fit enough to not hit the gym.
Pro golfers, even the top ones, work on their game and physical condition consistently, and there's nobody who hit them on the golf course.

Scrambling is one thing but Ben's not even remotely close to being the best at it. How many rushing yds and TDs did he get the last 3 years? How many times has he been sacked the last 3 years?. Great scramblers don't get pounded week in and week out. like Ben does.
I didn't say Ben is a "great" anything.

He LIKES to move around and to a large extent I think he actually needs to in order to see the field better.
That doesn't make him particularly good at it, it just means that it's the way he likes to play.

He also has a weak arm as pro QB's go and has no long ball. But he has a tremendous amount of drive and creativity and he has the ability to make something out of nothing.
He also has a knack for winning games in the fourth quarter and for turning circumstances that look bad into improbable good fortune and that's why he's here.

Maybe it's true that he could use some more time in a workout room or that maybe he could spend more time throwing a football, but I think it's a little late in the game to be pointing that out, don't you?

He's going to turn 30 this year and he's entering the latter part of his career and considering that he's spent the previous twenty years developing into who he is, I doubt that much could be changed even if he or others had the inclination to try.

He is who he is and frankly, I think he's still one of the best as well as one of the most underrated QB's out there and I personally wouldn't change a thing.
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