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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

Do we need to fix BEN??? wow a 2 time SB champion thats in the middle of breaking every record in the Steelers book.. A probowl QB? come on guys get real here.. some of you are suggesting drills he should do lol... come on..

Im sure he has done every drill invented.. as well has worked on every type of foot work drill you can do.. These guys are NFL QB's.. and lets get one thing straight BEN is one of the better ones of all time... Yes his style of play is different at times but facts are facts BEN has had huge success and im not talking about just in the win dept.. His Stats have been among the top in the league for years..

Anyway this move is about scheme and matchups.. something BA couldnt do.. BEN won with talent mostly his own. We never get machups guys.. We never seem to lock Heath on a LB or get alot of one on ones for Brown or Wallace. We have talent out of the ass at many different spots on this team and we just keep running the same basic stuff.

Yes BEN throwing some on time would be good.. but having your first read open every now and then should not be to hard to do.. We drop back read 1 and 2 is covered so BEN plays school yard ball.

make no mistake about it BEN can get better in the pocket and throwing on time but to suggest is it to late for BEN is plain out crazy. BEN is great and one of few with 2 SUPERBOWL's... dont give me this team or D won them for him shit either.. BEN made huge plays all year long in each of those superbowls that got us there and helped us win them.

This move is about bringing in a guy that will out coach another team from time to time and not just hope your QB makes a school yard play to win it for you
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