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Default Re: But is it Too Late to Fix Ben ?!

Originally Posted by jiminpa View Post
You say more than you know. He has been in the league for 8 years, and has been allowed to stagnate and then digress for 6 of them. His first 2 years in the NFL resisted being pushed to develop, as if somehow just being Ben Roethlisberger entitled him to league leading stats and points on the scoreboard.
Winning more and more, leading more and more come backs, winning more playoff games and SB's, that's stagnate or digressing? Obvious troll or ratbird fan.

Fact of the matter is Ben is a top 5 QB and us Steelers fans should consider ourselves lucky. There's very little to fix. He needs to practice more, I don't mean throwing passes in Latrobe, I mean game film study. That would cut down on his interceptions. He can throw the slant pass that we all want to see just fine, go watch the game against the pats this year, but if we don't call it he won't throw it, that's not on him. It's hard to throw the ball sooner when you are waiting for your receivers to run their long bombs and when you have to take your eyes off the down field picture to see where your line has broken and run away from it. Yes he could release it earlier SOMETIMES, yes he could get a bit better throwing the long bomb, but the bottom line is he's one of the best in the game right now, this team would be nowhere without him, and nobody is perfect. There is room for improvement with every body. You don't hear pats fans whining about Brady not throwing that well on the run or doing poor under pressure. Yet so many of us pick on Ben's few, and often far between, short comings. EVERYBODY has room for improvement and nobody will achieve perfection, there are 32 starting QB's in the NFL and our guy is better then at least 27 or them.
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