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Default 60 man rosters

I think that rosters should be expanded to 60.
Each position should have a starter and a back-up.
That means 22 on defense, and 22 on offense. For a total or 44.
Plus 2 kickers, and 2 punters, and 2 return specialists. total 50.
Then there should be 10 special teamers. total 60.

Practice squad should have player from each group.
1 D lineman
1 O lineman
1 LB
1 RB
1 QB
1 WR
1 LS / C

total 68.

Playoff time has too many guys playing hurt. Its a shame to lose a playoff game after a long season, just because you have so many injuries that guys have to play injured.
Practice squad guys should be paid $1,000.00 a week. And a set wage of $10,000.00 a game when they suit up.
Backups should not be paid more than 25% of the starters salary.

You could manage the cap better, and develop more talent.
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