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Default Re: Ravens v. Patriots

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Although I am not rooting for anybody, my preference is for the Ravens and 49ers to meet in the Super Bowl, just to watch Roger Goodell squirm in his seat. Despite all of his idiotic tinkering, he just couldn't get Tom Brady to meet Aaron Rodgers in the Big Game.

Back to the ol' drawing board.

P.S. - That, and Tom Brady's association with Ugg boots has pushed me beyond my limit with the Patr*ots.
Ha yeah two run first teams in Goodell's pass first league in the SB. I think it's gonna be Giants-Patriots but could go anyway since the Ravens have shown they can win at Foxboro in the playoffs and certainly do have the D to disrupt Brady. I was hoping the Texans would make it somehow honestly. Yates wasn't terrible but he was still a rookie QB pressed into a tough situation.
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