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Default Re: Ravens choke.......again

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
I hate the Ratbirds. I hate the Patsies. No win there for me. Watching those faces on the Ratbirds sideline was priceless though. Kind of like the faces on the Colts sideline back in 1995. And the look of the Jets sidelines when they missed TWO easy FGs the year before. I hope we see the end of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed after this. They will never get another Super Bowl win with Flacco at QB. Sorry, he just does not cut it when the pressure is on. Saying he outplayed Brady is a joke. He could not get it done when it counted. Brady put it in the end zone when he needed to. God I hate both of those teams with a passion.
Dude, flacco did outplay Brady, drove his team into easy field goal distance, had one of his players drop a pass in the end zone, and have his kicker miss a 32 yard fg. To say that he choked is absurd. I hate flacco and the ravens as much as the next steelers fan, but I will give credit to flacco for playing his best post season game.
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