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Default Re: Ravens choke.......again

Originally Posted by Danny136200 View Post
Dude, flacco did outplay Brady, drove his team into easy field goal distance, had one of his players drop a pass in the end zone, and have his kicker miss a 32 yard fg. To say that he choked is absurd. I hate flacco and the ravens as much as the next steelers fan, but I will give credit to flacco for playing his best post season game.
Think whatever you want. I saw Flacco overthrowing his receivers over and over and gettting sacked when he should have gotten the ball out to wide open receivers earlier in the game. Brady didn't play great either. Neither QB outplayed the other. It was pretty much a wash with the Ratbirds kicker blowing it big time at the end. I knew when the Ravens kicked their last field goal instead of getting a TD that they were done and the Cheatriots would win the game. You can't give them that chance. And Brady did engineer the winning TD drive and scored the winning TD. How did Flacco outplay him? Don't put words in my mouth. I never used the word choke in my post.

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