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Default Re: Ravens choke.......again

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
Bottom line is Flacco had two or three chances to win that game for them and did not do it. Brady scored the winning TD. Is that really that hard to understand? Brady drove them down the field and WON THE GAME for the Patriots. They were both 22-36 in the game. Flacco could not get them in the end zone numerous times when they had to settle for field goals. Sorry, he did not OUTPLAY Brady by any stretch. They were pretty close to the same. And I hate both of them so I am not saying this just because I hate Flacco worse than Brady. I hope Brady gets his butt kicked in the Super Bowl. If Flacco was there I would be thinking the same way.
I am tired of Tom Terrific but I dont have any feelings either way concering Flacco. Flacco is just another QB who is fine. Not great, sometimes not even good, but he doesnt rub me the wrong way.

Its not like Tom who has all the NFL journalists's noses up his arse. ESPN isnt all Flacco all the time like it is Tom Brady. Really Flacco is just kinda there. He hands off to Ray Rice and Ricky Williams and he passes to Smith and Boldin every so often. I will even give him credit for taking his team over 80 yards against our defense in Pittburgh with just over 2 mins when he could have folded and they won the game.

But Tom??? Man Im sick of having to hear about him or see him and Belichick.

Now Ed Reed is another story. He is good but he is a punk. Im glad his Super Bowl window may be closed now.
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