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Default Re: Bye Bye Ravens Fans

Originally Posted by BleedPurple View Post
Yea, as the poster below you points out, Flacco outplayed Brady and you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. To top it off you can't spell or form complete sentences, you think you are a lot funnier than you are and you have not said one thing since you started posting here that made one lick of sense. You are a putz if you think Lewis and Reed are washed up. I understand it must be tough stumbling through life as a total idiot, but you are better off just keeping your mouth shut so that you aren't offensively stupid, bringing down the quality of the board with your every post.
Glad to read you are not taking the loss too hard and not projecting your disappointment onto someone else

WTF is your problem? Your team gagged a chance to go to the Super Bowl by dropping an easy TD catch in the last minute, followed by rushing the botched FG with a timeout to burn, and you come on a Steelers board to attack posters who think all of that is actually pretty funny

Considering your team forgot (twice) coaches usually do not get Gatorade baths for winning mid-season games, If you are looking for sympathy here expect to draw return fire
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